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Things That Annoy Me

Okay, just out of curiosity, I have been noticing things that either bother me or are just so innane that I find them hilarious. I just want to see if anyone else finds humor or annoyance in any of the following things I'm going to list.

Dudes who constantly dance by themselves at clubs. They inch towards the same group of girls every other song. Give it up man, if the girl wants to dance with you, I'm sure they would have been on your crotch-al region by the first breakbeat.

Girls who do not look directly at the dude I listed before. You stare at one of your other girlfriends asking if he is cute or "if the gross dude is approaching." If you want the dude to leave you alone, just carry a fake wedding ring around, put it on and BAM!, pop it in his face. This method will work better than the, "c'mon girls, let's just dance closer together" method, that just might turn the guy on more. :)

Roger Clemens and Brett Favre always acting like they are going to retire, then they come back. Like these dudes are going to turn down millions of dollars just because they don't want to play a game anymore? Clemens is like 42 and Favre is in his late-30s. All I am going to say is that Nolan Ryan pitched competitively until he 46 and Doug Flutie was a QB until he around that age too. If you're going to retire, just do it and go play golf, leave us out of it.

Rock and Roll Singer, we all know that you're going to think your next album is your best work. Is it really worth mentioning? For example, lead singer of Papa Roach, Jacoby Shaddix, he said that their new album is "by far" their best album to date........we're talking about Papa Roach, I can pretty much believe him. Wouldn't it be fairly easy to exceed "Infest," "Lovehatetragedy," and "Getting Away With Murder." (Wait a minute, I just named all three Papa Roach cds off the top of my head. I guess I have two filing cabinets in my head, one filled with Beatles, Ben Folds, Weezer, and other good band material, and one with Papa Roach, Creed, Boy Bands, and other shit not worth selling at a garage sale.)

People who correct other people's English. 9/10 the other person knows what you're saying, leave it be please. If we wanted a critique, we probably wouldn't be talking to you. (Haha, that actually sounded mean. I just think it's annoying, but I would like to have a Audio Grammar Spellcheck for myself. You would be talking and then all of the sudden a big squiggly line comes out of your mouth, haha.)

That's all I got right now.....more should come when I'm more awake......have a great day everyone.
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